Ethan Wood


At Jarrett Plumbing, Ethan Wood excels as the Plumbing Estimator, a role where his analytical skills and detailed knowledge of plumbing systems comes to forefront. Ethan’s expertise is instrumental in accurately predicting project costs and requirements, ensuring that every job is completed efficiently and within budget. Ethan’s journey in the plumbing industry is marked by his commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Outside of his professional sphere, Ethan is an avid hiker, always eager to explore new trails and reconnect with nature. His passion for hiking reflects his appreciation for the outdoors and his pursuit of balance in life. Additionally, Ethan is a food enthusiast, always ready to try new cuisine flavors, which speaks to his adventurous spirit and openness to diverse experiences.

Ethan’s love for spending quality time with friends and family further highlights his belief in the importance of strong personal connections. This blend of professional acumen, passion for the outdoors, and commitment to community makes Ethan Wood a unique and respected member of the Jarrett Plumbing team.