Tim Heath

Plumbing/HVAC Division Manager

Meet Tim Heath, a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in the plumbing/hvac industry. As our plumbing/hvac Division Manager, Tim brings not only a wealth of experience, but also an unwavering commitment to customer service and client retention. His reputation precedes him as a master in his field, adeptly navigating the complexities of plumbing/hvac and refrigeration service operations with finesse and precision.

Tim’s journey in the industry is nothing short of inspiring. Starting as an apprentice, he has tirelessly climbed the ranks, honing his skills, and expanding his knowledge at every opportunity. Today, he expertly oversees our entire plumbing/hvac, and refrigeration, embodying a true testament to his dedication and work ethic.

His expertise extends beyond professional bounds. Tim is a family man who cherishes spending quality time with his loved ones and watching his favorite football team the Tennessee Titans. When he is not spearheading operations at work, he’s most likely to be found enjoying the serenity of lake life, navigating the calm waters on his boat, attending sporting events, restoring classic cars, motorcycles and making memories with his family.

Throughout his career, Tim has proven that success is not just about technical knowledge but also about fostering strong relationships. His proficiency in client retention underscores his ability to build long-lasting connections, ensuring each client feels valued and heard.

Tim Heath is not just a Plumbing/Hvac Division Manager; he’s a cornerstone of our team and a beacon of commitment and dedication. His passion for the field, combined with his love for family, makes him not just an exceptional manager, but a remarkable individual.

Trust in Tim – your safety is his priority.